True North

The magnetic north pole does not coincide with the true north pole. It is located some place in Northern Canada. To make things worse, the magnetic pole tends to wander or drift, so its location can change over time.

It is necessary to adjust for the error caused by a magnetic field. Business has also been affected by the magnetic fields such as economic fluctuations, the wave of technology evolution, and market competitions every day.

The Applegrove House assists in navigating the decision making of the business
and aids the client in maintaining the direction toward True North.

Japan Business Development

With much experience of international business for over 30 years and the credo of the True North, we have a global viewpoint and deep understanding to the Japanese market .

The Applegrove House provides its customers with break-through strategies and innovative ideas in particularly to Internet of Things(IoT), Semiconductors, emerging technologies and its applications such as Agri Tech.

The services include:
Facilitation: Formulating a Japan entry or marketing strategy
Sales: Sales and marketing as a representation of the customer
Team Building: Establishing an entity and managing the organization in Japan

Next Journey

  • Provide an advanced solution aiming “Unmaned” solution to traditional agricultural work which force us much human works.
  • Narrow-band IoT and Advanced farming, agriculture in particularly Precise Irrigation and Fertilization and its business.   Proof-of-concept program: www.agrismart.net


Over 45 years experience in the field of IT and semiconductor business and 30 years experience with overseas business including working experience in the U.S.A.

Strong skill as a facilitator between two countries having many track records as a Japan KK president, a representative in Japan, a solution provider to those who come to Japan.

We have “Edge, high energy, and checking reality and then finally execute.”

A member of Japan Israel Chamber of Commerce, A member of AARP, Principal of the Olive Garden Ltd., A member of California Olive Oil Council